twentynine to 371

29 days until I leave for Haiti.  I have officially left the 30’s and have less than a month until the race of my life is here.  I know that my blog has been somewhat fixated on numbers- counting down to my departure, how many km’s I’ve ran during the week, what my pace has been hovering around on my garmin- but all of these numbers keep me focused and inspired.

i’ve raised $3,996 so far for our families.

as a team, we have raised $47,451 that is directly going into creating dignified jobs for these families.

in Molea, Haiti, 97% of the families we met regularly experience food security issues

88% of those families do not have a clean water source.

Of the 158 children under 18 years of age surveyed, only 14% were enrolled in school.

in Menelas, where our families live, the median household income for a family of 6 is $30 USD per month.

in 2016 Team Tassy celebrated their first 2 graduates!  They’re studying for university entrance exams with hopes of completing a college degree.

8 surgeries that Team Tassy has facilitated with.

38 Team Tassy kids that are enrolled in school.

we have 140 family members in Menelas and that number continues to grow, giving these families a chance at a life away from poverty.

2 incredible people (and teachers) , Escane and Jules, who I had the privledge of working alongside at the summer school in Haiti, have given our Team Tassy kids the opportunity to improve on their studies, learn English, explore career goals and build a peer network.

i have 2 pairs of running shoes that I’ll be bringing with me to Haiti- both of which have put 1000’s of kilometers into their rubber soles. I’d get new ones but I’ve spent so much time with them that they both feel like my children.

i have 2 people coming with me to be and represent my entire support system from home.  And these 2 people’s lives will change because they are changing the lives of the people of Haiti.

there are 25 runners all running 371km for 1 purpose.

i still have all 10 toenails. (ask me how many I have in a month)

while numbers may seem irrelevant to some, they all sit in a little corner of my heart that pump through my body every day I run- to remind me what I’m doing all of this for.

this week I trained a little differently.  Today I finished an 18km run and it felt amazing to be outside again.  It was still icy, and muddy, but a little mud on the tires never hurt anyone.  I also did a 10km heat training run for the first time at the gym I cross train at.  it was 35 degrees celsius in Haiti this week so I figured I better get my butt on the treadmill with 4 layers on and a toque to try and simulate what I’ll be experiencing in just 4 weeks.  I know for a fact I looked like an idiot,  with sweat pouring off the ends of my hair, but I also didn’t care.  I struggled through it but I was thankful to have a few friends from work come cheer me on half way through.  Heat training is no joke- I finished running at 630pm and was still sweating at 1030pm (to the point where I soaked through two t-shirts after my shower).  I tried to drink as much water and electrolytes that my stomach could handle, but it resulted in 4 trips to the bathroom to pee during the night, and a headache when I woke up. As much as it hurt, I’m aiming to heat train twice a week leading up to my departure, fully knowing that nothing will prepare me for the extreme heat and humidity that Haiti has to offer next month.


i also want everyone to know that I have days where I absolutely do NOT want to run. Or train. I often see on social media little quotes that say “the days you don’t want to train are the days you need to the most”.  Well I say that is bullshit because when my feet are throbbing and it’s -18 outside and I’m hungry, the last thing I want to do is lace up and say ‘see ya later’ for 3 hours while I up my weekly mileage. So, there were days I didn’t run this week. And I ate Triple 0’s with Brody and felt like a slug on the couch watching the Food Network and enjoyed every tiny second of it.  This, however, did not stop me from believing I wasn’t training hard enough.

the truth of the matter is, is that I’m not a professional runner.  I can’t devote my entire life to ultramarathon running, as much as I wish I could sometimes.  I don’t have unlimited access to massages and physio, chiropractors and foot doctors.  I eat what I can afford and make do with the time I have to train. I’m in nursing school, and the night before I was supposed to do a long run, I had to remove the clothes and the wedding band of my patient who passed away.  I woke up the next morning having to go to work, and try to process the fact that I didn’t feel that I had the honour to remove such a valued piece of who she was.  I hope she knows I did it with all the compassion I had to give.

to our 140 family members, and for the unknown number of people reading this, I wont let you down.

pou haiti.


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