fortyfive to 371

my current mood after new years celebrations is portrayed beautifully by this little half naked munchkin who fell asleep in my arms before I captured this angelic moment.   Sleep and pizza. Repeat.

quinn kindly reminded me that I only have 45 days left until I leave.  Not 53 which I woke up thinking it was.  My math clearly sucks.

this past friday I set out to do a long run.  I had my GU’s in my pockets, new Kanye on my ipod, garmin fully charged, and was mentally prepared to get it done.  Unfortunately, I was trying my hardest not to slip on the ice that covered every sidewalk, and every shoulder of every road while simultaneously trying not to twist my ankle on the ice blocks that caked the sidewalks.  Despite having traction aids on my shoes, my feet were slipping out underneath me with every step I took and I struggled with keeping a solid stride.  I should also mention that snot was uncontrollably pouring out of each nostril and freezing to my upper lip.  It was a scene straight out of Dumb and Dumber.  I tapped out at 10km and quickly jumped into a hot shower.

the weather should never be a reason to stop training.  Except when the chance of falling and breaking your face and looking like Ronda Rousey after her defeat against Amanda Nunes is greater than the improvement of the training itself. I decided to take my long runs inside- to the CNC indoor track.

the CNC indoor track is a 300m oval that smells like cleat and shinpad sweat from the soccer field it hovers above. The air conditioning and fluorescent lighting also hurts my eyes and makes them water, so please don’t judge me if you ever see me running there with sunglasses on. It’s purposeful, not because I’m a fan of Corey Hart.

300 meters= 1 lap.  I ran 100 laps.

if you’re wondering how many km’s that is.. it’s 30. 

brody ran the first 25 laps with me.  Which I am thankful for because running in a circle 100 times is unbelievably mentally challenging, so to have him do 1/4 of it with me was appreciated.  It’s funny how weak or tough my mind can be.  As we were warming up, I looked at the track and thought to myself, “how the hell am I going to do 100 laps.”  but once I ran 50, I told myself I would run until I hit 65 laps to get some nutrition and water.  Well, 65 laps came and went and I didn’t grab water or fuel until I ran another 25 more.  I did a quick shoe change, fueled up and was back on the track within 30 seconds.  I love pushing myself farther than I think I can. I crave proving myself wrong and feel satisfied when I do. I think I started hallucinating around lap 91.  But that’s yet another thing that I love so much about running: I become so focused on what’s going on in my own head and I forget that my legs are still moving.  It’s a reassuring reminder that my body was born to run.

on the 100th lap, I ran hard. I ran strong. I ran with purpose. I ran for Haiti.


One thought on “fortyfive to 371

  1. I love it Brandy! The RAH makes us do crazy things with the training. I had to do 195 laps on a 13 lap/mile track last year to get a 15 miler in, and have now done a pair of TM 20s. Glad that I joined a gym with a bunch of bodybuilders where we just embrace oir relative insanity!


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